Webinar: Preparing a Healthy Pandemic Pantry & Kitchen

Shrinking grocery and take-out options are forcing us to change the way we shop and prepare meals. As crisper drawers, freezers, and pantries empty, planning ahead for groceries is imperative to limit venturing into public spaces. There is no need to turn to processed and comfort foods. With a little knowledge and inspiration, it is possible to maintain healthy eating during the pandemic.

Join Lisa Tsakos, R.H.N. for an informative webinar: Preparing a Healthy Pandemic Pantry & Kitchen. The session reviews:

  • Making the most of the ingredients in your kitchen to limit grocery store visits:
    • Long-lasting fresh foods (and exactly how long they will last);
    • Tips for extending the life of leafy greens;
    • The healthiest frozen, dry and tinned foods to stock up on.
  • Boosting your immune system to fight COVID-19:
    • Evidence based information about specific foods and nutrients (including nutritional supplements) that support the body’s immune response;
    • Living an immune-supportive lifestyle, including tips for exercise, sleep, stress management, and other lifestyle interventions.

To book this (or any other) Nu-Vitality seminar, email us or call (902) 448-2500.

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