Corporate Healthy Eating Programs and Challenges

At-Work Healthy Eating Programs

Healthy Weight Program (10 Weeks)

The Nu-Vitality Healthy Weight Program provides education for losing weight and body fat while improving your health. It is not just a diet. The Program teaches a balanced, holistic approach to eating and lifestyle. Satisfied participants range from those wishing to improve overall health, weight, sports performance, or family nutrition, to pregnant or nursing women and even to those trying to gain weight in a healthy fashion. Diets are temporary, and when they end the weight typically comes right back. This Program helps you discover which changes will deliver the most improvement to your energy levels, weight and health _ permanently. It is a foundation for informed food decisions for a healthier lifetime. Weight-loss participants can expect to safely lose 1 to 2 lb of body fat per week over the ten-week period. In other programs claiming more or faster weight loss, the weight consists primarily of water and muscle tissue. The Nu-Vitality Program is offered for one-hour per week over a 10 week period. Meetings are arranged at the group¹s convenience, usually lunch hour, right at your location. Each session includes:

  • Information binder with course materials and forms, such as Food and Mood Journals
  • Presentation on the topic of the week
  • Q&A and group discussion
  • Individual diet and lifestyle guidance through a weekly written analysis of food and mood journals
  • Confidential body fat & weight analysis.

Although these are group sessions, because every person has unique nutritional requirements the program includes personal guidance through the Food and Mood Journals. The nutritionist can help participants to see and to understand the relationship between what they eat and how they feel. Often, relatively minor changes in diet can yield profound benefits. For example:

  • The stress in your life can be either increased or decreased by the type and timing of food.
  • Food cravings are your body’s attempts to correct an imbalance, learn how to recognize and cope with them.
  • Mood instability often indicates fluctuating blood sugar levels. Eat to eliminate them.
  • Exercise is all important, not only to help to burn fat quicker, but to improve overall health.
  • Coffee is a diuretic. For every cup you consume increase your water intake by two glasses.
  • “Good” bowel movements are critical. Learn how to recognize and regulate them.

The Nu-Vitality Healthy Weight Program empowers participants with the tools to reduce body fat and improve their health, permanently. Regularly we receive gratifying feedback from participants. We would be glad to share their comments with you. The Program may be subsidized by your organization or paid for by the employees, and may be billed either per session or per person.

Customized Programs

Nu-Vitality designs proprietary Healthy Eating Programs for organizations with special needs. We routinely work with police and fire departments, hospitals, factory workers, warehouse staff and others whose disruptive schedules/shift work hours are not conducive to healthy or regular eating patterns. Our Programs are less about quantity (calories, fat grams) and more about quality – how food and nutrients impact your cells, organs, brain, blood sugar levels, and moment-to-moment functioning (mood, energy, sleep, cognition). Once the “culture” and demographics of your organization is assessed – shift workers, stress levels (and causes of stress), sedentary (truck drivers) or physical laborers (warehouse personnel), for example, a Program is designed to address the health issues. Proprietary Programs may be designed as 6, 8, 10, or 20 week Programs, and sessions may be offered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The Program may be subsidized by your organization or paid for by the employees, and may be billed either per session or per person. Following any of Nu-Vitality’s Programs, we provide you – the employer – with the data you need to document your ROI.


Company-Wide Weight Loss Challenges

Nu-Vitality facilitates two to six month “low-maintenance” weight loss Challenges. Such competitions work best for those with limited schedules who are unable to invest time to participate in a weekly or regular Program. All Challenges involve keeping track of anthropometric measurements (weight, body fat percentage, waist and hip circumference, and neck circumference if requested/sleep apnea >17″). We recommend organizations incentivize Challenges to encourage participation. Aggregate data and results are submitted to your organization following the Challenge to document your ROI. The Program may be supported with presentations, educational and motivational materials, and/or private nutrition consultations upon request.

Licensing Option:

If you are an Employee Assistance Provider or nutrition professional, Nu-Vitality seminars and Programs are available for licensing, permitting delivery directly to your own clients. For more information, please contact us at (902) 448-2500 or by email.