The Kitchen Clean Up (3 sessions)

Everyone wants to eat better, but most of us don’t know where to begin. This interactive and exciting 3-session Program will teach your employees how to recreate their recipes to boost nutritional value, how to stock their kitchens with healthier ingredients, and how to save money while eating better. The Program can be presented live or via webinar. Practical outcomes are achieved with guided weekly ‘homework’, personalized planning, and changing by doing.

To schedule this Program at your organization, or for more information, please email.

Session 1: Shop, Stock & Detox Your Kitchen

  • Assessing Your Current Eating Habits
  • Making Sense of Food and Ingredient Labels. The worst offenders   
  • Portions: Size Matters 
  • Balancing Blood Sugar Levels 
  • Stocking Your Kitchen
  • Let’s Shop! A Grocery List that Focuses on Fresh          
  • Healthy Ingredient Swaps
  • Weekly Challenge       

Session 2: Food Prep for Power Performance

  • Tools of the Trade       
  • Raw or Cooked?         
  • Should I eat organic Food and avoid GMOs?      
  • Everyday Meals Made Better   
  • Spice Up Your Life     
  • Greens, Grains and Beans
  • Eating on the Run
  • Weekly Challenge      

Session 3: Incorporating the Principles of Specialty and Trendy Diets

  • Which Diet is Right for You?  
  • The Paleo Diet vs. The Ketogenic Diet                 
  • The Vegan Diet                      
  • The Raw Food Diet and Juicing for Vibrancy and Energy
  • Should I Go Gluten-Free?
  • Final Assessment