Nutrition Consultation

During a nutrition consultation, receive advice on a wide range of health-related topics, including recommendations for improving current eating habits, efficient meal planning, healthier food preparation, digestive health, active lifestyles, pregnancy, family nutrition, stress management, nutrition for shift workers, inflammation and chronic illness, hormone balancing, information about dietary supplements, diet trends, and more.

Corporate Consultations

Nutrition consultant, Lisa Tsakos, R.H.N., provides corporate consultations for your employees virtually or on-site. Nutrition consultations can be scheduled for a minimum of 15 minute time slots to a full hour.

GoodLife Fitness Corporate Members may arrange on-site or virtual nutrition consultations with Lisa Tsakos:

Private Consultation

To schedule a private 30-minute or 60-minute virtual nutrition consultation with Lisa Tsakos, R.H.N., visit (in partnership with Dempster Wellness).