Healthy Eating Challenge (4 or 6 weeks)

The Healthy Eating Challenge will teach your employees how to make optimal eating choices at work and home. The Program is presented on-site at your organization over the lunch hour and is available in a 4-week or 6-week format. Please email for more information.

Session 1  Making Healthy Food Choices & Energy Needs 

  • Measuring weight and body fat
  • Determine your unique energy (calorie) and macronutrient needs
  • Hydrating vs. dehydrating beverages
  • Resources

Session 2  The Role of Digestion

  • Boosting metabolism… naturally
  • A journey through the digestive system
  • Principles of good digestion
  • Menu planning and food combinations that work for you

Session 3  Carbohydrates & Fibre

  • The carbohydrate question (should I or shouldn’t I)
  • Best sources of carbs and individual needs
  • What your stool says about your digestion (and elimination)
  • Incorporating fibre into daily meals

Session 4  The Skinny on Fat & Protein

  • How much fat does your body need (and what kind)?
  • Good fats and faux fats
  • Sources of essential fats
  • Protein – how much and what kind?
  • The keto vs. paleo debate

Session 5  Reading Labels:  Facts & Fables and Eating on the Run

  • Identify healthy ingredient swaps for your favourite recipes
  • Label facts and fables. How to recognize dangerous ingredients and marketing ploys
  • Sneaking superfoods into your day
  • Better fast food options and eating on the go short cuts

Session 6  Emotional Eating & Stress

  • Brain boosting foods and strategies
  • Scheduling meals to increase energy
  • Stress-inducing foods
  • Strategies for combatting stress
  • Foods known to induce restful sleep