New Seminars!

It’s a new year, and Nu-Vitality has released two new exciting seminars to support your employees’ health. To book a presentation for your organization, please contact us.

Clean Eating Reboot

Finding the diet style that’s best for your body can be confusing, but it shouldn’t be. Fat-free, low-calorie or fad diets restricting entire food groups can leave you feeling frustrated and hungry. This exciting workshop introduces the most balanced approach to a healthy diet—clean eating. The simple principles of the clean eating lifestyle is the safest way to reduce body fat and weight, increase your energy and supercharge your health. Easy to follow meal plans are included to get you started and keep you on track.

The Gut-Brain Connection

New research shows that the gut microbiome plays such an important role in anxiety, depression, mood, and maintenance of mental health, it is often referred to as ‘the second brain’. Since nutrition is the largest deciding factor for the health of the microbiome, what you eat has a profound impact on mental health. This workshop identifies the specific foods known to improve gut ecology and enhance brain health, and presents easy ways to introduce them into your diet.